Safety Safety Safety Safety

At Smokey's Greater Shows, safety is our number 1 concern. Our equipment is inspected inside and out daily to ensure your safety. According to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), amusement rides constitute one of the safest forms of recreation available to the public. Bicycling, soccer, skiing, watercraft, snowmobiling and numerous other recreational activities lead to hundreds of thousands more injuries and many more fatalities every year than those stemming from amusement rides of all types. Moreover, analysis of state amusement ride regulatory reports and CPSC data consistently shows that a substantial majority of ride related injuries are due to patron behavior, such as intentionally rocking cars, standing up, defeating safety restraints, sitting improperly, etc., rather than mechanical failure or operator behavior.

We have a strict ride inspection policy.  In addition to annual state and government inspections, we also conduct our own daily inspections.  During the off season, we maintain our equipment at our winter quarters facilty.  At winter quarters, we do complete refurbishments on equipment including mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic repairs.

Please, keep the following rules in mind when attending the carnival:

  • KEEP hands, arms and legs inside ride at all times.
  • USE safety equipment such as a seat belt, shoulder harness, lap bar or chain when provided.
  • STAY in ride until it comes to a complete stop.
  • READ posted rules.
  • OBSERVE age, height and weight restrictions.
  • FOLLOW instructions of ride operator.

Want to know what rides you can ride?

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